Supervised Visitation and Investigations LLC: Expertise Based on Experience

Supervised Visitation and Investigations, LLC stands out as a result of its experience and professional approach.  Our team of professional supervisors are trained to provide services tailored to the uniques needs of the children and families we serve.  We conduct comprehensive criminal background checks on all supervisors.  Our supervised visitation training for our supervisors includes but is not limited to:


1.    Supervised Visitation and Investigations, LLC Policies and Procedures

2.    Child Abuse Reporting

3.    Domestic Violence

4.    Safety and Supervised Visitation

5.    Children Resistent to Supervised Visitation

6.    Dealing with Resistent Clients

7.    Working with the Courts

8.    Cultural Competency in Supervised Visitation 

9.    How and When To Intervene To Maintain Safety

10.    Visitation Documentation 


Many of our supervisors are off-duty and/or retired law enforcement officers. 


Supervised Visitation and Investigations, LLC is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN)