Intake Fee

                                  -$70.00 for each parent

                         payable at the time of the intake meeting.


                                  Supervised Visitation:

                                        -$70.00 per hour *

                                         -minimum 2 hours


* Visitation hourly rates may vary depending upon the circumstances of the case, number of children, location of visit etc.


Holiday Hours are available - rates will be determined on a case by case basis


Supervised Exchange:

-$100.00 per exchange


Court Testimony:

-$100.00 per hour

-minimum 2 hours


Personal Property Service:   (Keep the Peace)

-$100.00 per hour

-minimum 2 hours


Private Process Service:

-$75.00 which inludes the Return of Service and Affidavit of Service





Both the custodial and non-custodial parent are requested to complete a 

 intake appointment. Failure to complete intake appointment will not supersede any Court Ordered access/visitation.   During the intake meeting SVN's policies and rules for supervised visitation and/or supervised exchange will be thoroughly explained to each parent.  A copy of the Court Order/Consent Order and/or Parenting Agreement shall be provided to SVI.


Basic Rules for Supervised Visitations:


-The supervisor shall be present at all times during the visit

-All contact between the child(ren) and non-custodial parent shall take place within the supervisor's sight and hearing at all times

-There shall be no derogatory comments made about the other parent, the parent's family, caretaker, child(ren) or siblings

-There shall be no discussion of the court case and/or possible future outcomes during the visitation

-There shall be no gathering of information about the parent, his or her family or extended family

 -There is no spanking, hitting or threatening the child(ren), and no emotional, verbal, physical or sexual abuse

-No visits shall take place while the visiting parent appears to be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs including prescription medications

-no violation of any additional rules set forth by the provider, Supervised Visitation and Investigations, LLC


Supervised Visitation Services are not:

-Legal Advice

-Counseling Sessions

-Venting Sessions


-Remedial Parent Education

-Custodial Evaluation


Parents or caretakers being supervised understand that:

-No confidential privilege exists

-Any suspected abuse shall be reported to the appropriate agency as provided by law

-If a supervisor determines that the rules of a visit have been violated and/or the child(ren) have become acutely distressed and/or the safety of the child(ren) is at risk, the supervisor has the authority to temporarily interrupt, to reschedule or to terminate the visit.

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